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Practice here the Best Narration MCQ Questions and Answers for the best preparation of the English & Direct-Indirect Speech Exams. This Narration Quiz contains the best 25+ Narration mcqs with answers, that cover the important questions of Narration. So, practice this test to check your final preparation for your exams.

Narration MCQ

Practice Best Narration MCQ Questions Here

#1 he said, “I am unwell.”

#2 The captain said, “Alas! our foes are too strong.”

#3 He said, “By God, I am speaking the truth”.

#4 He said, “She has been reading for two hours.”

#5 He said, “My sister was doing her work.”

#6 She said, “Thank you !”

#7 My cousin said, “My room-mate snored throughout the night.”

#8 Mrs. Sharma said, “I know what it is to be depressed.”

#9 Ramesh said, “I went to school yesterday.”

#10 Rama says, “Mohan is ill”.

#11 I shall say again, “You stole Hari’ s book.”

#12 He said, “I shall go as soon as possible”.

#13 The teacher said, “Mrs. Indira Gandhi died in 1984.”

#14 He said, “God is one.”

#15 He said, “Sheela will have been working till morning”?

#16 Change the sentence in indirect speech to direct speech – “He exclaimed sadly that he was undone.”

#17 Shiv said to her, “May you succeed!”

#18 Radha said, “I work here every day.”

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