UPSSSC X-RAY Technician Syllabus

Hello Friends, in this article we will discuss the UPSSSC X-RAY Technician Syllabus 2023 for the best preparation of the X-RAY Technician Exam 2024.

About UPSSSC X-RAY Technician Exam 2024

The UPSSSC X-Ray Technician Exam is conducted by the UPSSSC to recruit skilled candidates for the role of X-Ray Technician Job role in UP. The exam assesses candidates on their knowledge and proficiency in areas related to medical imaging, radiography techniques, patient care, and safety protocols.

but, to qualify for the X-ray Technician Exam 2024, candidates need to prepare comprehensively, study the prescribed syllabus and also practice mock tests, and familiarize themselves with the format and types of questions commonly asked in the exam.

Because, the selection process is totally based on OMR based Multiple Choice Questions. Successful candidates are then appointed as X-ray technicians in various government health facilities in Uttar Pradesh based on their performance and merit in the examination process.

UPSSSC X-RAY Technician Syllabus

UPSSSC X RAY Technician Syllabus 2023

Subject NameTopics
PART – 1
Human Anatomy and Human Physiology
Protection against Radiological Hazards
Basic and Radiation Physics
Basic Orientation of Radiotherapy
Radiological Procedure and Darkroom
Radiography and Radiography Technique
Regional Radiography and Radiological
Equipment for Radiodiagnosis
Ultrasonically and Technique of
Ultrasound Basics.
Work of X-ray Technician
PART – 2
Concepts of Computer and
Technology and
development and
in this field
Introduction of Computers
Computer History
Application of Computers
Internet & WWW
Computer Hardware and Software
Input and Output Devices
Internet Protocol/IP Address
IT gadgets and their application
Email Creation & Uses
Operation of Printer, Tablet, and Mobile
WordProessing Tools
Operating System
Social Networking
Digital Financial Tools and Applications
Future Skills and Cyber Security
Technological Development and Innovation
in the field of Computer and Information
Technology (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
Processing, Deep Learning, Machine
Learning, (Internet of Things) and India’s
achievements in the IT field.
PART – 3
History, Culture, Art, Architecture, Festivals,
Folk Dance, Literature, Regional Languages,
Heritage, Social Customs and Tourism,
Geographical Landscape and Environment,
Natural Resources, Climate, Soil, Forest,
Wildlife, Mines and Minerals, Economy,
Agriculture, Industry, Business and
Employment, Polity, Administration and
Current Events and Achievements of
Uttar Pradesh State in various fields etc.

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